Appraisal Software Designed by Professionals

Seamlessly Combine Images and Appraisal Fields in your Documents

Eliminate clumsy and time consuming manual processes

Item Listing with Photo

Create Branded, Professional Templates for Every-day Use

Standard requirements for your appraisal documents include logo display and formatted footers – generated each time you create a new document. 

Custom Form2
Custom Form1

Extensive Cataloging Tools / Drag-and-Drop Images

Choose from the many catalog data fields to display on your appraisal document 

Item Template

Create Appraisal Templates for Every Purpose

Customize your standard templates to be used over and over

List of Appraisal Templates

Import Excel Lists directly into Fair Warning Software 

Are your appraisal items in a spreadsheet? Simply upload to FWS and start working! 

Item Import

Convert Appraisal Items into Sale/Auction Items

Take advantage of the opportunity to host timed auctions on your own Website. Appraise, Convert, Sell

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